Pope Francis World Day of Peace

Pope Francis has just issued his message for World Day of Peace on Jan. 1.

“All who accept the life of Christ and live in him acknowledge God as Father and  give themselves completely to him, loving him above all things. The reconciled  person sees in God the Father of all, and, as a consequence, is spurred on to  live a life of fraternity open to all. In Christ, the other is welcomed and  loved as a son or daughter of God, as a brother or sister, not as a stranger,  much less as a rival or even an enemy. In God’s family, where all are sons and  daughters of the same Father, and, because they are grafted to Christ, sons  and daughters in the Son, there are no “disposable lives”. All men and  women enjoy an equal and inviolable dignity. All are loved by God. All have  been redeemed by the blood of Christ, who died on the Cross and rose for all.  This is the reason why no one can remain indifferent before the lot of our  brothers and sisters.”


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