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Catholic vet writes for “This is Us”

“The main difference between our wars is the absence of a draft. Your generation of combat soldiers is a generation of volunteers. That difference is a huge one, because your generation of soldiers is bearing a much heavier burden than mine did. Anyone who doesn’t want to fight and kill people, or get killed — they don’t have to. That’s a strange predicament for a republic like ours to be in….”

“Combat Obscura” documentary

New documentary shows

“Filmed and directed by combat cameraman Miles Lagoze, ‘Obscura’ provides a true illustration of the primal aspects of war. Due to that honest approach, few of the film’s scenes will endear its participants to a public that consumes much of its war information through crisply-edited propaganda emerging from the Pentagon.

‘I think we’re at a point as veterans that we want to show war as it is,’ Lagoze told Military Times.

‘We’re kind of sick of the hero-worshipping.'”