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Refusal to Serve as “Empire Chaplain”

DemocracyNow! had an interview on Friday with former Army Reserve Chaplain Captain Chris Antal. This is what happens if you are a chaplain in the military and your “message doesn’t support the mission”!

Well, two days after it appeared online, I was contacted by an Army lawyer who had read the post. He forwarded it to my commander. I was summoned to the commander’s office. He told me that my message doesn’t support the mission. He told me that I make us look like the bad guys. He asked me to take it down, which I did, and immediately. Nevertheless, I was subjected to an investigation. It’s called an Article 15-6 investigation. I had to get a trial defense lawyer in Afghanistan, that was provided to me by the Army. And that process drew out for about two months, and it ended with what’s called a general officer memorandum of reprimand. I was handed an official reprimand that said I had made politically inflammatory statements, and I was, on that basis, released from active duty in Afghanistan, sent home with a “do not promote” evaluation, which is really a career killer in the military.

No one can serve two masters.

I can’t find the text of his open letter to President Obama online. Here he is reading it aloud: