Email: contact at catholicsagainstmilitarism dot com

Generally, it is not a good idea to say that you are “against” something, and then say that you are merely trying to start a conversation. But we really are trying to start a conversation here. We wish we could have been “Catholics for Peace” or something less confrontational like that, but who isn’t for peace?

If you are a Catholic soldier, a Catholic Chaplain, a Catholic veteran, or a Catholic executive at Boeing, who disagrees with us or sees things differently, contact us. Maybe we can do a podcast or something in the interest of exploring this issue in more depth.

If you agree with us, join us, help us, talk to us about what you are doing in your church and in your community. Share your events with us. We encourage anyone to contact us for any reason at all, especially if you would like us to share something on the site. We are people of limited means, time, knowledge, wisdom and experience. We welcome your contributions!