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Good News for Vietnam Vets

Thousands of Vietnam-era veterans barred from receiving benefits because of less-than-honorable discharges may be eligible for upgrades under a new set of guidelines released by the Defense Department on Wednesday.

This is the right thing, especially when many of this “less-than-honorable” behavior was the result of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Fighting to Protect America’s Freedom?

We are often told that America is fighting the “war” on “terror” to protect our freedom. It is clear, I think, at this point: war does the exact opposite. War leads to the expansion of state power abroad and the diminishing of liberties at home. Read this enumeration of the Bill of Rights and their evisceration since 9/11…and weep.


How The West Created ISIS

How the West Created ISIS,” by Nafeez Ahmed, September, 13, 2014

“Missing from the [media] chorus of outrage, however, has been any acknowledgement of the integral role of covert US and British regional military intelligence strategy in empowering and even directly sponsoring the very same virulent Islamist militants in Iraq, Syria and beyond, that went on to break away from al-Qaeda and form ‘ISIS’, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or now simply, the Islamic State (IS).”

No Court Marshall for C.O.

“No Court Marshal for Nurse Who Refused to Give Force-Feeding at Guantanamo,” Miami Herald, September 15, 2014

A Navy commander has chosen not to court-martial a nurse who refused to conduct forced-feedings of hunger strikers this summer and has instead asked a board to determine whether the nurse should be allowed to stay in the U.S. Navy.

Andy Stapp, R.I.P.

Andy Stapp, 70; Tried to Unionize Military, The New York Times, September 14, 2014

“Andy Stapp, who expressed his opposition to the Vietnam War by joining the Army and proceeding to do a very unmilitary thing — form a union among soldiers that demanded, among other things, the right to elect officers and reject what they viewed as illegal orders — died on Sept. 3 in Manhattan. He was 70.”

Fears, Polls, Wars, Mistakes, Regrets

These polls seem hard to believe. Great article by Glenn Greenwald. Do people really feel this way or are these polls just as manufactured as the fear they purport to reflect? I don’t know anymore.

Americans Now Fear ISIS Sleeper Cells Are Living In the U.S., Overwhelmingly Support Military Action, by Glenn Greenwald

“…(8) Here’s how you know you live in an empire devoted to endless militarism: when a new 3-year war is announced and very few people seem to think the president needs anyone’s permission to start it (including Congress) and, more so, when the announcement – of a new multiple-year war – seems quite run-of-the-mill and normal.

(9) How long will we have to wait for the poll finding that most Americans ‘regret’ having supported this new war in Iraq and Syria and view it as a “mistake”, as they prepare, in a frenzy of manufactured fear, to support the next proposed war?…”


Hard to tell what to believe anymore. More important than ever to stay grounded in Truth.


Is Notre Dame Still Catholic?

Lawrence Vance posted this over on the LRC blog today:

“For the pregame festivities, the Notre Dame Marching Band took the field and played ‘America the Beautiful.’ As the crowd sang, the PA announcer read the preambles of both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Then the ROTC color guard came onto the field with their flags, and the band played ‘The Star Spangled Banner./ When the song ended, a plane flew overheard, and four Navy Seal skydivers jumped from it, parachuting into the stadium. While the jumpers slowly descended, the PA spoke for several minutes about the virtues of the Navy and its role as ‘a global force for good.’ The PA also noted that the Seals are among the finest warriors in the world and that they are trained to parachute deep behind enemy lines under cover of darkness. As the jumpers came into the stadium, one of them displayed a large American flag. The crowd erupted in applause.  At halftime, the Michigan Marching Band joined the celebration, dedicating its entire halftime show to war. The band started with ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ (again), which the PA said was in recognition of America’s ‘victory in the War of 1812.’ Then the band played ‘When Johnny Comes Marching Home,’ in remembrance of World War II. The show ended with ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic,’ which featured the display of a 20-yard-long American flag. During a timeout in the third quarter, the Navy Seal skydivers came onto the field, along with two naval officers dressed in their white uniforms. The PA introduced each of the jumpers by name, and the commanding officer was presented with a Notre Dame football helmet as a gift. The PA asked everyone to thank the Seals, along with all military personnel, for their service in protecting our freedom and keeping America safe every day. The crowd erupted in applause.

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