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Feast of Our Mother of Sorrows

Fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy writes:
Gandhi once said, “to the extent that the Gospel is made universally applicable, we will make it universally acceptable.”  
That is what this little 9 minute video tries to do. It reveals the universal unity of Mary and Jesus in the Gospel with all mothers and their children and how their love—at every moment of time and at every longitude and latitude of space is turned into hell on earth by the local political, economic military and religious power-seekers. Please do think, pray and ponder what is presented here—and what the Gospel response to it is.
Finally, this is probably the last time you will see this video because it is now continuously being removed from Google and YouTube, which is why you are receiving this late on this Feast Day of The Mother of Sorrows. It has been on Google and YouTube for about five years with no problem. Make a copy, if you wish or can. Put it in your Facebook as a video.

Should Catholics Join the Military?

Sure, why not? Not only does the military now allow “women in combat” but new moms can now have 18 weeks of paid maternity leave before they are shipped off to be blown to pieces by IEDs in Afghanistan or elsewhere.

“Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said establishing more liberal leave was intended to help recruit and retain more women in the two services, but was also a way of thanking them for their service.”

Here’s the article.