This is a comment I made yesterday in a private Facebook group: “On an unrelated note, I also see a faux but convenient ‘religion versus science’ narrative developing, with the highly ‘reasonable’ (junk) science ‘experts’ on t.v. being pitted against the red state religious ‘rubes’ clamoring for their magic shows and spiritual ‘opiate.’ I mean from the beginning I thought the media’s strange obsession with the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ in Catholic Churches was a big ol’red flag.”

This article over at LRC today does a nice job of explaining the problematic “science” that surrounds the coronavirus hype:

Science and Coronavirus Confirmations

One of the primary characteristics of the modern age is the ingredient of “science,” its methodologies, and its rhetoric, within the general disposition of society. We use words and phrases like evidence-based, objective facts, and data-driven as a means of authority in making our claims. In this way, the rhetoric of science has entered the spirit (or the mind—Geist, as in Zeitgeist) of the age in a way that is unique in world history. We have emphasized the primacy of scientific analysis, or rather, the conclusions of the scientific community, over and above lines of a priori thinking. That is, it is a distinctive feature of our epoch that things like religion and philosophy are either less important or not important at all, but regardless are relegated to their appropriate spheres.

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