Should Catholics be the “new isolationists?”

Here are three articles by some very conservative Catholics who oppose any further U.S. military involvement in Iraq.

– from Hands Off Iraq by John Zmirak:

“Any war which we launched to meddle in the Middle East would fail at least one criterion for a just war: It would have no solid prospect of success. It would be as futile as Guy Fawkes’ bombing of Parliament, or a vigilante attack on an abortion clinic.

Because it would be unjust, it would be sinful. And so Christians should oppose it — on principle.”

– from Make Congress Vote On War by Pat Buchanan:

“Rand Paul is right. If Barack Obama wants to take us into a new war, with air attacks and drone strikes, or with ground troops, he has a constitutional duty to get Congress to authorize that war.

And if Congress does authorize a new war, at least the voters will know whom to be rid of this November.”

– from Another Pointless War? by Judge Andrew Napolitano:

“There is a lesson in this, and it reveals the power of religious fanaticism when resisted by unprincipled political force…

But the American military-industrial-neocon complex wants more war. We must resist them. We should gather all Americans in Iraq, take what moveable wealth is ours and come home — and stop searching the world for monsters to destroy, as that will end up destroying us.”

In 2002, Amr Moussa, then-secretary general of the Arab League, warned that the coming invasion of Iraq would “open the gates of hell.”

Now this “prophecy” is being fulfilled with a vengeance, and it is a good bet that the worst is yet to come. It is evident that the “unprincipled political force” of the U.S. government, which employed a vicious divide and conquer strategy to destroy Iraq and which is chiefly responsible for opening those gates, needs to be restrained from any further murderous interventions abroad. Catholics can play an important role in advocating a “new isolationism” or non-interventionism for the government which represents us. Hopefully that might also lead to a period of introspection and true repentance in this country for the evils committed in the name of “Americanism” at home and abroad.

3 thoughts on “Should Catholics be the “new isolationists?”

  1. Greenbean950

    We absolutely should not be isolationist in our faith and family. Our duty is to spread the Gospel and live a life seeking the mind of Christ. What the pagans choose to do in politics is their business. Let them be what ever they wish, but let them do it alone.

    1. Doug Fuda Post author

      I have had this discussion many times. If you advocate an end to the American Empire you will be called an isolationist whether you like it or not. I think we should embrace the term and say we mean “isolating” our government and preventing it from getting involved in other people’s conflicts which we have no business getting involved in and which will only be made worse by U.S. military intervention. We’re not talking about economic isolation.

      But on a different spiritual level, I also think Catholics should advocate a kind of isolationism in order to protect the world from the evils of Americanism. Please see my previous post.

      Our Americanist government is like a plague upon the world. It brings war, abortion, pornography wherever it goes. Catholics should oppose it and advocate a turning inward for our country, a time of reflection and repentance. That is our only hope. We need to spread the Gospel right here at home.


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