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While on the subject of war, I guess you saw that the U.S. Senate just voted to continue the never-ending war in Afghanistan and the global “war on terror” by a vote of 60 to 33, with 7 abstentions. Only 4 Republican senators voted to end the wars.

Bishops’ Annual Appeal

From a reader:

Dear CAM, 

With this weekend, July 11 &12, 2020, being the kick-off weekend for the Bishop’s Annual Appeal in the Diocese of Columbus & many other dioceses, I offer the following articles for your readers to print off & put in the pledge envelopes & place it in their collection basket or return it to their parish’s office. 

My own letter will be accompanied with the following statement: 

Dear Bishop Brennan, 

You strike me as a good person. I don’t question your faith or your intelligence, but you have allowed the spiritual starvation of your flock & even encouraged it well ahead of any health authorities’ orders (not laws). You took your advice from Caesar, not Jesus. 

As we face the almost inevitable recurrence of another lockdown because of rising “cases”, not deaths, where do you stand, Bishop? Are you ready to apologize for locking our churches, denying us the sacraments, & starving your flock of the source & summit of our faith – Our Eucharistic Lord? Are you ready to show some courage & true leadership as the apostles did & to say “Never again” to our churches closing, “Never again” to government officials saying religious services & Christ are non-essential? 

The supreme law of the Church is the salvation of souls, not fear of death or a virus. 

When my family & I see some saintly courage coming from our bishops & priests, then we will reconsider the possibility of donations. Until such time, consider this: “The laborer deserves his keep.” MT 10:10 NAB 

Peace & blessings,

Julie Dean

Lies and Violence

Lamb Logo Byzantine.jpgOur Lamb has conquered; Him let us follow.

“Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence. Any man who has once proclaimed violence as his method is inevitably forced to take the lie as his principle.”
-Alexander Solzehnitzhyn 

“Violence flourishes in lies, and needs lies. Truth is the power of peace. It is a fact, and no-one doubts it, that truth serves the cause of peace; it is also beyond discussion that non-truth in all its forms and at all levels (lies, partial or slanted information, sectarian propaganda, manipulation of the communications media, and so on) goes hand in hand with violence. Public opinion is often less sensitive to the various forms of non-truth that underlie violence and that create a fertile soil for it.

What should one say of the practice of combatting or silencing those who do not share the same views by labelling them as enemies, attributing to them hostile intentions and using skilful and constant propaganda to negatively brand them? What should one say about selective indignation, sly insinuations, the manipulation of information, the systematic discrediting of opponents – their persons, intentions and actions – blackmail and intimidation: these are forms of non-truth working to develop a climate of uncertainty aimed at forcing individuals, groups, governments, and even international organizations to keep silent in helplessness in the face of and in complicity with violence. All these attitudes are equally capable of favouring the murderous game of violence.

To promote truth as the power of peace means that we ourselves must make a constant effort not to use the weapons of falsehood, even for a good purpose. It is, however, truth communicated in the spirit of love that will release unsuspected light and energy and will give new opportunities for peace in the world.”

-John Paul II, December 8, 1979 

-Emmanuel Charles McCarthy, FAST FOOD AD 2020:Thirteenth Helping

You are invited

EPSON scanner image

Written by Rev. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy.


July 16 is the 75th anniversary of the detonation of the first nuclear weapon in human history and 2020 is also the 30th year for the Day of Prayer for Forgiveness and Protection on July 15-16.  You are invited to participate remotely via Zoom ( ) in this 24-hour event re-configured as a virtual vigil as an alternative to participating in person in New Mexico. 

Below are the Zoom link and code information and a .pdf of the program of events for the 24 hours. is attached. Also attached is the Statement of Purpose for this Vigil at Trinity Site

When you enter the Zoom your video and sound will be muted and remain so.  There will be no need to unmute either from your location for the duration.  Joining the zoom, leaving it, and rejoining it uses the same link and code found above and below.  We note that this is the first time this is being attempted and we anticipate there may be some technical glitches so we beg your patience.  Happily, there is no reason an interrupted or frozen connection can stop you from praying wherever you are!  Like at the desert site itself, it is not a marathon.  Come and go from the Zoom meeting as you prefer.  Zoom can be downloaded for laptops (PC and Mac) iPad, tablets, and smartphones.  Joining a meeting as a participant is free.  Click the link and follow the prompt to enter the password and you will be automatically admitted to the Zoom meeting.  Make sure the sound on your device is turned up. 

Topic: 24 Hour Prayer Vigil and Reflection at Trinity Site | Password GNV2020

Starting Time: Jul 15, 2020 05:30 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Topic: 24 Hour Prayer Vigil and Reflection | Password GNV2020Time: Jul 15, 2020 05:30 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 723 1310 7071Password: GNV2020

Meeting ID: 723 1310 7071

Password: GNV2020

-Emmanuel Charles McCarthy or

“Military” Cathedral in Russia

Watch the creepy dedication of this “military” cathedral in Russia.

“His Holiness Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow and all the Rus Cyril, has consecrated the Patriarchal Main Military Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection. The Cathedral is built to thank God for the Victory of Russia in the Great Patriotic War (Second World War), and to remember all the pious and baptized fallen soldiers. This is the third largest Cathedral in Russia.”