Lies and Violence

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“Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence. Any man who has once proclaimed violence as his method is inevitably forced to take the lie as his principle.”
-Alexander Solzehnitzhyn 

“Violence flourishes in lies, and needs lies. Truth is the power of peace. It is a fact, and no-one doubts it, that truth serves the cause of peace; it is also beyond discussion that non-truth in all its forms and at all levels (lies, partial or slanted information, sectarian propaganda, manipulation of the communications media, and so on) goes hand in hand with violence. Public opinion is often less sensitive to the various forms of non-truth that underlie violence and that create a fertile soil for it.

What should one say of the practice of combatting or silencing those who do not share the same views by labelling them as enemies, attributing to them hostile intentions and using skilful and constant propaganda to negatively brand them? What should one say about selective indignation, sly insinuations, the manipulation of information, the systematic discrediting of opponents – their persons, intentions and actions – blackmail and intimidation: these are forms of non-truth working to develop a climate of uncertainty aimed at forcing individuals, groups, governments, and even international organizations to keep silent in helplessness in the face of and in complicity with violence. All these attitudes are equally capable of favouring the murderous game of violence.

To promote truth as the power of peace means that we ourselves must make a constant effort not to use the weapons of falsehood, even for a good purpose. It is, however, truth communicated in the spirit of love that will release unsuspected light and energy and will give new opportunities for peace in the world.”

-John Paul II, December 8, 1979 

-Emmanuel Charles McCarthy, FAST FOOD AD 2020:Thirteenth Helping

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