Bishops’ Annual Appeal

From a reader:

Dear CAM, 

With this weekend, July 11 &12, 2020, being the kick-off weekend for the Bishop’s Annual Appeal in the Diocese of Columbus & many other dioceses, I offer the following articles for your readers to print off & put in the pledge envelopes & place it in their collection basket or return it to their parish’s office. 

My own letter will be accompanied with the following statement: 

Dear Bishop Brennan, 

You strike me as a good person. I don’t question your faith or your intelligence, but you have allowed the spiritual starvation of your flock & even encouraged it well ahead of any health authorities’ orders (not laws). You took your advice from Caesar, not Jesus. 

As we face the almost inevitable recurrence of another lockdown because of rising “cases”, not deaths, where do you stand, Bishop? Are you ready to apologize for locking our churches, denying us the sacraments, & starving your flock of the source & summit of our faith – Our Eucharistic Lord? Are you ready to show some courage & true leadership as the apostles did & to say “Never again” to our churches closing, “Never again” to government officials saying religious services & Christ are non-essential? 

The supreme law of the Church is the salvation of souls, not fear of death or a virus. 

When my family & I see some saintly courage coming from our bishops & priests, then we will reconsider the possibility of donations. Until such time, consider this: “The laborer deserves his keep.” MT 10:10 NAB 

Peace & blessings,

Julie Dean

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