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Chase Sydnor, former Marine, wrote in July 2013:

We had a running joke in the Marines, that the Chaplains were the most ‘Gung-ho’ of the military establishment. I recall walking into an Army chaplain’s office and standing bemused at the huge portraits of Confederate Generals of the American Civil War which hung on his wall. Could I find much in his space which related to Jesus…not much? It looked like some kind of Confederate War shrine.

…As a recruit in Marine Corps Recruit Depot, I was stunned to enter the base chapel and see it adorned with stain glass windows depicting images of conflicts U.S Marines had fought throughout its history. I questioned who we were actually worshipping, God or the Marine Corps. The Marine’s Hymn {yes….the Marine Corps has its own hymn}, propagates a false myth of Marines being the guardians of the gates of heaven. As ludicrous as it seems, it does feed into a callous myth of relating military service as some divine pursuit. As Marines, we recited a ‘Rifleman’s Creed’ which invoked the blessing of God in our desire to shoot accurately and kill our enemy. Throughout my time in the Marines, I came across many slogans which equated U.S soldiers as God’s Warriors

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