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As the September 11 anniversary approaches, I am glad that Cammy has recently brought up the topic of “what really happened that day.” It is possible that the unfolding catastrophe in the Middle East may lead to something good. Perhaps millions of Americans will finally demand a serious, far-reaching investigation of 9/11.

We know there was a coverup and that the government obstructed the investigators. My hypothesis is simple: if there had been a full, unobstructed investigation by trustworthy and determined people, the Islamic State crisis would not exist today.

Have you heard about the “28 pages?” Here’s a link:


Regardless of what you think about what “we” should do about ISIS, I think all Catholics, and all Americans of good will, can agree that this information needs to be declassified. Perhaps once this barrier is breached, we can move on further to demanding a full and truthful investigation of 9/11.

I hereby nominate Ron Paul to organize and lead that investigation:

Ron Paul on 9/11


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