A new “New Pearl Harbor”

On March 25, I published Part I of an interview with Fr. McCarthy about the coronavirus. He said (at the 11:20 minute mark):

“When 9-1-1 occurred…their notion was, and this is their words, that none of these things could take place that would make for the United States having full spectrum dominance of the world without ‘a new Pearl Harbor.'”

His point was that this whole COVID-19 “thing” is being used for the purposes of social and economic engineering, in the same way that the events of September 11th were used, in the same way that the original “Pearl Harbor” was used.

Before our interview about the “The Nonviolent Eucharist” the other day, he pointed out that The Boston Globe had run an article called: “Surgeon General says coming week will “be our Pearl Harbor moment.


Here we go again! Fr. McCarthy called it. We know what the last “new Pearl Harbor” led to: a twenty year war that has yet to end, Department of Homeland Security, TSA, The Patriot Act, militarization of local police forces, etc. etc.

For more information about the original Pearl Harbor, which galvanized the country to go to war, although the country did not want to go to war, see:

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There are many more articles available about the dirty truth of “Pearl Harbor” at LewRockwell.com.

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