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War: A Commentary (1983)

War: A Commentary by Gwynne Dyer is a 1983 Canadian television miniseries filmed by Gwynne Dyer, now available on YouTube. The miniseries was commissioned by the National Film Board of Canada and consists of 8 one-hour episodes. Episode 3, “The Profession of Arms”, was nominated for an Academy Award. The series was broadcast to 45 countries.

From a 1985 review in The New York Times:

“Mr. Dyer, who comments on camera as he walks over old battlefields from the Civil War to the trenches of World War I and the bombed-out cities of World War II, has strong credentials in military history. He has taught at the Canadian Forces College and served as a senior lecturer on war studies at Sandhurst, Britain’s Royal Military Academy. His book ”War” (Crown Publishers), an expanded version of the series, leaves the same impression as this program: ”War” is a cautionary tale against World War III.”