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Reject Politics as Usual

The Republicans are the Party of War, and they pretend to be against abortion. 
The Democrats are the Party of Abortion, and they pretend to be against war.

On the Republicans, see my previous post of Ron Paul’s article and this blog item by Laurence Vance at lewrockwell.com.

from The GOP Has Blood on Its Hands:

“The Republicans had complete control of the White House and the Congress for over four years when Bush was the president. Why did the Republicans fund Planned Parenthood during this time? And why did conservatives not criticize them then for doing so? The GOP has blood on its hands.”

On the Democrats, see this great article by Glenn Greenwald.

from To Defend Iran Deal, Obama Boasts That He’s Bombed Seven Countries:

“Beyond accurately describing Iran Deal opponents, Obama also accurately described himself and his own record of militarism. To defend against charges that he Loves the Terrorists, he boasted:

‘As commander-in-chief, I have not shied away from using force when necessary. I have ordered tens of thousands of young Americans into combat. . . .

I’ve ordered military action in seven countries.'”

Catholics need to develop a new form of protest and resistance not based on trying to change the Federal government by voting.

Civilians, “Militants”, Collateral Damage — whatever

This is a quick throwback to a very important article Glenn Greenwald wrote a few years ago about Obama’s policy to call every person killed by drones a “militant” and the media’s willingness to go along. I haven’t been able to see the original article at Salon, perhaps because I need a subscription, but this blog gives a good rundown of the content.

Virtually every time the U.S. fires a missile from a drone and ends the lives of Muslims, American media outlets dutifully trumpet in headlines that the dead were ”militants” – even though those media outlets literally do not have the slightest idea of who was actually killed. They simply cite always-unnamed “officials” claiming that the dead were “militants.” It’s the most obvious and inexcusable form of rank propaganda: media outlets continuously propagating a vital claim without having the slightest idea if it’s true.

U.S. Labels ALL Young Men In Battle Zones As “Militants” … And American Soil Is Now Considered a Battle Zone | Washington’s Blog.