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Foreign Policy Alliance

From a reader. Maybe another CAM reader will want to get involved!



I work with the Foreign Policy Alliance, a five year old Houston group working to remake national security policy.

See: www.foreignpolicyalliance.org.(note, our resolution is endorsed by Andrew Bacevich).

I would like to show you an activist strategy to rein in militarism. The foundational concept is an update of the teach-in model. Activists will hold sessions at home to show short videos posted on You Tube to small groups. “Graduates” of these one evening schools will hold their own teach-ins. Quickly hundreds of new volunteers could become active in all major metro areas. Exponentially growth is an amazing thing.

This strategy can be affordably managed by as few as six activists per urbanized region. The intent is to pressure US officials to ratchet back on nuclear weapons, war making, and domestic surveillance. (In truth, only ONE person per city is necessary to launch the project.)

This plan is based on two successful tactics … house parties, that can function as 21st century “teach-ins”, and citizen lawmaking, which is used to reset local policies in Texas and elsewhere. An anti-corruption group, Represent.Us, is already having remarkable success with the latter tactic.
The plan can quickly scale-up to the 50 states. I estimate 900 new volunteers could be on board in six months. In every major city! But, even if only 300 per city sign up that is more than enough.

The web has a few articles about past projects. A search on Barry Klein Houston should turn up several. One of the shortest is titled: Barry Klein: Property Rights Protectorhttps://texasscorecard.com/citizen-profiles/barry-klein-property-rights-protector/

Please let me know if you would like to see details.

Yours in peace,

Barry Klein

P.S. To learn more about the power of the Represent.Us game plan look for this brief video on their website: “The Strategy to End Corruption”https://act.represent.us/sign/our-strategy/