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Chilcot Report Shocks World! (Not)

You won’t believe this, but it turns out that the Iraq War was an illegal war of choice, not a last resort, based on fabricated evidence, propaganda and lies, with no just cause, and all peaceful means of resolution had not been exhausted. Also, the consequences of this war were severely underestimated and the plans for Iraq in the aftermath were “wholly inadequate.”

This is shocking — shocking! Does this suggest that world political leaders do not pay attention to or take seriously the precious “Just War Theory” tradition of Christianity when it comes to making the decision to go to war and their means of carrying it out?

Catholics respond: This proves we need Just War Theory more than ever! I suppose so, because on a realistic and practical level, JWT acts as an excuse and a loophole for Christians to go to war whenever their government tells them to; then in the aftermath, it tells them how very evil it all was.

Convenient. You can have your wars and your veneer of a moral standard, too.

Remember in 2003:

Vatican to Bush: Iraq war would be ‘disaster

White House: ‘Disarmed Iraq would leave the world safer’

When will we learn?