Prayer for True Friendship

I had a nice evening last night with an Air Force reservist, S.,  who is leaving for Afghanistan in a number of weeks. S. is also a Christian (Baptist). I was trying to convince him not to go. Knowing he had joined ROTC at the age of 14 and been involved in the military ever since, the task was daunting. Nevertheless, I tried! We had a good discussion. Needless to say, two hours wasn’t enough to convince him. I said that if I couldn’t convince him to refuse, that I might have to chain myself to him on his day of departure, so he can’t board the plane, like environmental activists chain themselves to trees to prevent them from being cut down. If I fail in courage to do so (I probably will), and S. goes to Afghanistan (he probably will), then S. and I agreed to try to attend the Georgia / Georgia Tech game together on November 29, 2014, to celebrate his return sometime next year.

S., I’m glad to know you. I appreciate your openness towards me and my ideas. This seems like a good prayer for today:

Jesus, loving companion of Your children,
You have extended Your friendship to all.
You opened Your arms without discrimination,
Offering Your warmth to those seeking comfort.
Endow me with the virtue of such a friendship,
To know, love and trust all on an equal basis;
To share my patronizing without favoritism,
And to be pleasant towards the destitute.
Fashion my heart to reflect Your qualities,
Those befitting of a cordial association.
Jesus, You showed me the way to true friendship:
Blessed is Your amazing and warm Person!

Go, Dawgs.

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