Thank You for Your Service

Cardinal Muller (see previous post) has now been joined by Officer Greg Anderson in the ranks of the “bravest men in the world” category.

Greg makes a very important point at the end of the first video. He warns that if the powerful “keep trampling on people’s rights” they may “wake a sleeping giant” and foment civil unrest. The Catholic Bishops should take heed because the Church is probably the only force which might be able to head off such a confrontation. But they must show some backbone and open the Churches now (regardless of secular threats), and step into the fray and declare that governments and authorities must reverse the tyrannical measures and psychological warfare that they have initiated against the populace. Bishops, it’s your move.

One thought on “Thank You for Your Service

  1. Eric Morris

    Doug, here in Indiana, despite the governor asking the churches to re-open, the Bishops have kept them closed. I have found an SSPX Chapel that has remained open the entire time.


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