Fears, Polls, Wars, Mistakes, Regrets

These polls seem hard to believe. Great article by Glenn Greenwald. Do people really feel this way or are these polls just as manufactured as the fear they purport to reflect? I don’t know anymore.

Americans Now Fear ISIS Sleeper Cells Are Living In the U.S., Overwhelmingly Support Military Action, by Glenn Greenwald

“…(8) Here’s how you know you live in an empire devoted to endless militarism: when a new 3-year war is announced and very few people seem to think the president needs anyone’s permission to start it (including Congress) and, more so, when the announcement – of a new multiple-year war – seems quite run-of-the-mill and normal.

(9) How long will we have to wait for the poll finding that most Americans ‘regret’ having supported this new war in Iraq and Syria and view it as a “mistake”, as they prepare, in a frenzy of manufactured fear, to support the next proposed war?…”


Hard to tell what to believe anymore. More important than ever to stay grounded in Truth.


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