One thought on “Why Won’t You Vote for Hillary?

  1. Enrique

    No Catholic should support a demonic woman like Hillary Clinton….She despises the Church. Hates Catholics. Hates the Vatican. Hates the Pope. Hates men leading in Catholic church. Hates men in general. She’s just a woman filled with hate. A truly “nasty woman.” But this, this is the lowest of low…advocating for a woman’s right to kill an unborn baby as per it’s sex, gender or special needs. Just evil. VOTE TRUMP.

    And just for laughs…let’s recall this ever changing for the crowd sociopath altering her speech to garnish votes. Here she’s talking in an old African American accent to a black crowd…it’s just pathetic and hilarious at same time…

    Then she gets all Southern on us…

    Clinton even turns into a Latino for a moment when she tells “needy Latinos” that she’s just like their “abuela” and “basta’ Trump! this woman is so demonic, it’s a wonder she isn’t breaking out in foreign languages and vomiting sulfur….just evil, cunning and manipulative.


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