Should Catholics join the military?


Laurence Vance has many excellent articles and blog posts at on why Christians should not join the military. Here is a quote he posted from a Navy officer who wrote to a young man who asked for advice:

“I would strongly discourage any good man from joining the military. In the Navy, particularly, it is extremely difficult to remain faithful to Christ’s teachings. You live day in and day out in the company to immoral people. Drunkenness is extremely common, as is theft, pornography, fornication, and adultery. Brothels in foreign ports make their wages for the year when American ships arrive. The Navy is also extremely damaging to family life. 6-month deployments as well as numerous other underway periods steal a man’s time from his loved ones. Even while in port, 12 hour work days are the norm. I missed about 9 months of my first born daughter’s first year because I was out to sea. The stress and strain that puts on a spouse is, in my opinion, irresponsible of a husband. Please realize that joining the military is not serving a ‘greater good.’ … It will jeopardize your principles, your marriage, your children, your life, and likely your soul.”

If you’d like to read the entire post, go here:

Don’t Listen to Me Again

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