Should Catholics Join the Military?

Sure, why not? Not only does the military now allow “women in combat” but new moms can now have 18 weeks of paid maternity leave before they are shipped off to be blown to pieces by IEDs in Afghanistan or elsewhere.

“Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said establishing more liberal leave was intended to help recruit and retain more women in the two services, but was also a way of thanking them for their service.”

Here’s the article.


2 thoughts on “Should Catholics Join the Military?

  1. Cammy

    When they go back on the job, there’s always:

    I have to admit it’s kind of strange. The most conservative Catholic women I know are very anti-feminism and believe in traditional gender roles and that a mother’s primary role is in the home, but I have to say that those ideas kind of get tossed out the window when it comes to women who are mothers or who could potentially become mothers joining the military. When it comes to women in the military, they turn straight up progressive!

  2. Michael J. O'Neill

    No, a faithful Catholic should not under any circumstance enlist or enter the US military via the four military academies! Ten years ago I instructed my eldest daughter Colleen to withdrawal from junior ROTC at Derby High School once I learned of her enrollment in the prospective killers of US empire! Because the US military is a corrupting and intimidating culture of coercive membership which is inimical to Catholicism!
    Do not permit your children to enlist or enter the US military preparatory schools across America.
    Incidentally, I speak from experience because I served the US empire from 1981 to 2001, retiring as a Technical Sergeant, a mid-tier non-commissioned officer.


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