Killing is Sexy

Opening shot: a cathedral. A woman in red pumps stands in front of it, her feet shoulder width apart. Only her legs and red pumps can be seen. She struts past a car decorated with “Just Married!” in a tight red dress. She pauses again in front of the church and makes the sign of the cross. Inside, she struts down the aisle. As the priest is about to pronounce the bride and groom man and wife, the mysterious woman in red shoots the bride point blank in the chest. Blood splatters the groom. The wedding crasher runs out. People shoot at her but she gets away, leaving her red high heels behind. A car chase ensues.

killerwomenabc111Let me guess: She’s not really a bad guy. She’s a devout Catholic who is part of an elite group of law enforcement agents, just doing what she has to do. That bride was a really bad person. Someone has to do the dirty work, etc. We can do everything men can do! Yay. Like, Girl Power and stuff.

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