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We were happy to hear from a former military enthusiast on Nov. 19 and would like to share with you his email (with his permission, of course). Anyone out there in New Prague, Minnesota?


Good morning,

I stumbled across your website today; Lew Rockwell had linked it and posted an article of yours that caught my eye.  I would like to sign up for your mailing list.

I am not Catholic (or protestant) – I just love Jesus and all manifestations of his kingdom; I currently attend a non-denominational church.  I used to design hardware for the U.S. military and was an enthusiastic militaristic defender of “God and Country”; then God got my attention about the error of my ways.  He used a mission trip to Haiti, a book entitled “The Myth of a Christian Nation” by Greg Boyd, and a sermon series from a Canadian Mennonite church entitled “Inglorious Pastors” (2010, Bruxy Cavey,  I’ve been on the path of Christian pacifism for only 3 years now, and in some respects I feel like a 3-year-old.  I’m trying to learn and put to death my old ways and old anger.  I’m trying to forgive myself for the mess I’ve made in the world I’ve been repenting by draining the 401K money I saved at my old job and using it to fund projects in Haiti – purchasing school supplies for children; farm tools, agricultural training, and seeds for adults; etc.  Beating sword-money into plowshare-money.

I do feel isolated; haven’t found a local group of Christians who hold to the peace-teachings of Jesus – most are still stuck in the “America is God’s special country” paradigm and all the militaristic cheerleading that entails.  The church I attend is no exception – lots of flag-waving and bible-thumping.  I want that to change, badly.  I work with teenagers at my church; many have considered joining the military, and I’ve been able to alter the inertia of a few – which is something, at least.  But we adults are stubborn beasts…lol.  Help?

God bless you for what you’re doing; please keep up the good work.  If you are aware of other Christians in or around the New Prague, MN, area that are of a similar mind, I’d love to partner with them.

Peace to you; again, please sign me up.

Luke Hacker

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