On Company Business (1982)

“This country has had a secret foreign policy since the end of the second World War. One of the essential instruments has been the Central Intelligence Agency…You have the U.S. govt making great moral pronouncements and statements while it’s using this instrument to penetrate, infiltrate and destroy anything which gets in the way of what they define as the interests of the U.S. If you look at the historical record you find that the operations they conduct…They haven’t bothered asking us if we feel threatened by this that or the other thing…and often they are economic interests that they are defending. As a matter of fact I would say almost always. Entities in this country don’t care whether an American worker has a job or not, and are doing everything they can to destroy the capability of anybody in these other countries controlling their own destiny.” — Alan Francovich, filmmaker


Above is the documentary. Below is an interview with the filmmaker.

Alan Francovich is producer and director of the most definitive film on the CIA–the acclaimed three-hour documentary (Inside the CIA: On Company Business, 1980) –which took five years to make and required massive, world-wide research. The movie has won prizes at international film festivals and has been shown in over 30 countries. Francovich tells how the US government and the CIA have harassed him and have applied pressure to restrict the movie’s distribution. Francovich also relates some new information about the CIA and analyzes contemporary world events in light of this evidence.

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