Jacob David George, R.I.P.

Beloved War Veteran Commits Suicide

This is so tragic. I just stumbled across this online. This 32-year-old veteran killed himself in September. There is really nothing I can think of to write, so I will just write the words that this man said of the VA:

“Do you hear what you’re saying? You’re telling me that you can’t offer me the actual healing rituals and ceremonies that I need, that an entire generation of people needs in order to heal their soul.”

He said that the only healing he experienced when he got back from war came from participating in antiwar and protest activities. The VA said they couldn’t promote that as a form of healing. Of course not. That might suggest that there is something actually wrong with these wars. We can’t have that. Let’s just keep praying for the troops and leave it at that. We wouldn’t want to offend anybody.

The above video is “The Human Cost of War: IVAW Testimony” by Jacob David George from First Unitarian Church on Vimeo.

Here is his original song, “Soldier’s Heart”:

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