A Christmas “Fairytale”

It’s Christmas Eve so I am going off topic a bit. You have probably heard the song before and even seen the video. But if you read Michael Brendan Dougherty’s heartfelt tribute to the Pogues’ classic you will never think about the song in the same way again. A very fitting message as we begin the “Year of Mercy.” Merry Christmas!

‘Fairytale of New York’: How a soused Irish punk band created the greatest Christmas song of all time




2 thoughts on “A Christmas “Fairytale”

  1. Adam Maleson

    Hmmm. I have the feeling that Mr. Dougherty does not want to know me or have me living in his neighborhood. Which is ok, since neither is ever likely to happen.

    Anyhow, as we approach what seems set to be he warmest Christmas on record for Massachusetts, here’s a song by another Irishman, which I think is most relevant to the intention of Catholics Against Militarism. Not dreaming of a white Christmas.


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