▶ The Skipperdees – Atomic City

I live in a music town. You can’t walk down the street at night without hearing the sound of a band coming from every bar. Last night, the music I heard while walking by one venue, its stage open to the night, people listening in the garden, sitting out under the stars, made me stop and listen, and then buy a drink and sit down.

Meet The Skipperdees. They introduced their song “Atomic City” as a protest song. I didn’t think people wrote those anymore. (You can read the lyrics here.) It’s about their hometown which, if I understand correctly, used to be a mining town and now has a factory where they make atomic bombs. They are super talented, and this song is incredible.

’cause here Fat Men and Little Boys
are bread and butter, our pride and joy

▶ The Skipperdees – Atomic City – Live at Crimson Moon Cafe – YouTube

Also, be sure to sit outside at night while you still can. Soon it will be cold.

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