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We have a podcast!

You can find us on the top menu, on our podcast website, and on YouTube. Please subscribe to our channel. We hope to conduct more interviews with Catholics who have stood and are standing against militarism.

Our first podcast is an interview with Fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy. He speaks to us about his books recently made available in the second edition on Amazon: “All Things Flee Thee for Thou Fleest Me” and “Just War Theory: The Logic of Deceit”.

Additional topics include: Tradition vs. tradition in the Catholic Church; orthodox vs. heterodox beliefs; authority; conscience; and what a person who has the leisure to study owes to the rest of humanity.

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Thank you, Nukes

“On Friday May 3 Westminster Abbey will be hosting a service to mark 50 years of the UK having nuclear weapons on constant patrol at sea.
The invitation to the event, which has been seen by Christian CND, describes the event as a “National Service of Thanksgiving to mark 50 years of the Continuous at Sea Deterrent (CASD)”. There is at least one Trident submarine at sea at any one time, with each carrying sufficient nuclear warheads to bring about catastrophic damage to many cities and impact the climate in a way which would affect the entire world.”

Iraq War and Russia Collusion

“The goal of the intersectional Iraq War and Trump-Russia collusion fraudsters was clear: Regime change. The playbook is nearly identical—produce flawed intelligence, rally support from the media, portray any opponent as a bad actor, keep creating new crimes. However this time, instead of seeking to depose an Iraqi tyrant, the collusion propagandists within the conservative establishment sought to remove a duly elected U.S. president.”

Kindergarten ROTC?

“If we wait until they’re 17 or 18, we will not be the first impression,” Wardynski said. “Others will have made that for us.”

Well, we certainly wouldn’t want anyone else, besides the U.S. military, making the first impression on our kids! Get ’em early.

Catholic vet writes for “This is Us”

“The main difference between our wars is the absence of a draft. Your generation of combat soldiers is a generation of volunteers. That difference is a huge one, because your generation of soldiers is bearing a much heavier burden than mine did. Anyone who doesn’t want to fight and kill people, or get killed — they don’t have to. That’s a strange predicament for a republic like ours to be in….”

“Combat Obscura” documentary

New documentary shows

“Filmed and directed by combat cameraman Miles Lagoze, ‘Obscura’ provides a true illustration of the primal aspects of war. Due to that honest approach, few of the film’s scenes will endear its participants to a public that consumes much of its war information through crisply-edited propaganda emerging from the Pentagon.

‘I think we’re at a point as veterans that we want to show war as it is,’ Lagoze told Military Times.

‘We’re kind of sick of the hero-worshipping.'”