Syrian priest captured by ISIS calls for nonviolence

“What is the solution?

The solution cannot be simply eliminating those who persecute us. The only way of stopping the extremists is to enter into a dialogue with Islam. That has been my personal experience. We – all the Christians of my old parish – decided not to resort to violence, even despite the danger. That is why we are still alive. An ISIS leader told us exactly that: “You ‘People of the Book,’ [the term used for Jews and Christians in the Koran] do not even use violence against us.”

Thus, non-violence and dialogue are what Christians can and should contribute?

Last spring, I had the following inspiration during Mass: our world needs a revolution against violence. Only then will it be able to find peace. We want to be instruments of peace. This is how we did it in Mar Elian – we provided aid to the local people without considering any distinctions of religion.”

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One thought on “Syrian priest captured by ISIS calls for nonviolence

  1. bedwere

    Frankly, ample historical evidence shows that the only possible “dialog” with militant Islam is that of Putin. Radical Islam is irrational, it has no logos to which we may appeal. In the spirit of St. Justin the Martyr, you may try to engage rationally with some Islamists to convince them of the truth of the Trinity, of the incarnation, passion, and resurrection of Our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ. All other forms of dialog are futile or worse.


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